Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bangor Daily News Article Comments

I was very disappointed in the article in today's paper, I am from Addison not from Jonesport, and they preached in Columbia and not in Addison, They have been in this area since last fall duping people. Also alleged thefts, they did take from the church, I had proof!. At least my name was spelt right for a change.
They have been preaching since Sept 5th in Columibia, and only was interviewed and maybe preached in Addison once or twice. So I guess the background check did not really happen to find that they were here since August?
Well I notice they have disabled the comment section? I don't think that should be disabled, there are a lot of folks riled up over this article and the comments should be there!
Suzie Burks Gowie
I take offense to the fact that this guy calls himself a minister and a preacher. He is not, nor has he ever been. A Good Shepherd protects the sheep, not take advantage of them. There is great responsibility that goes along with wearing the collar of a clergy-person. There is also great authority that some take advantage of. I'll get off my soap box now.
Muriel Tucker Smith
If they can't get it right then they should not write it
Geri Moore
That's odd that they did disable that comment section. They wpuld have gotten a few doozies !! Ronie, when did you move to Jonesport and move the Union Church to Addison? You should write your own article. Maybe they are saying "alleged" because they haven't been convicted yet. At least we know what happened to the old man and we won't be finding his body out behind the church!!
Kelley Church
I posted the article from the paper. We can write our comments there cause the paper wont let us write comments on their site.

Ronie L. Strout
They were packed and ready to run on Sunday when they got arrested.
Kelley Church
Thank god they didn't get that chance.
Dawn Tibbetts Robbins
You had the courage to stand up to him and you demanded that he returned the property which he stole, and I'm certain that played a big part in bringing this whole thing to the front.
Dear Ronie,
I only today read your message recounting the difficulty you and your church were put through by
dishonest people. I pray that all is returned to you and that you can recapture some of your faith in
in people. We all have to be alert for such people, and there are very few who have not been deceived
by falsehoods. I have encountered my share of deception, and sympathize with your trials. I admire
your tenacity and resolve in pursuing the matter. I pray that only good people come your way.
Keep the faith,
John Morrison

Geri Moore----GO RONIE GO !!!!
Donna-jean Metta
I can't believe he made his father live in the basement everywhere they lived. Probably thought his father would rat him out about everything including the kids.

I was told he was an alcoholic, but I did meet him and he seemed pleasant enough. I had wondered where he went to as nothing was mentioned of him the few times I was at the church.
They did not find anything of the church at the house the hymnals and table and candle holder is amongst the missing forever now.

Richard Farnsworth
looks like Addison has it's own version of Miss Marple

Kelley Church
They should of tried to get all of the facts straight before they printed this article.

Debbie Howe
you've done your good turn, my friend!
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  1. Nan Ellis
    It appears to me, Ronie did all the work on this one. Good work Ronie.

  2. Donald E. Hicks
    Ronie, I would say that your report had a LOT to do with the scam artists being caught. Glad you filed the complaint? I'm proud of you for standing up for what's right!

  3. Dawn Tibbetts Robbins
    So, if this guy hasn't been ordained as a minister, why isn't he referred to as "Imposter---pretending to be minister??" instead of "Jonesport pastor". Or, "Kidnapper---pretending to be minister??"
    And they left the children alone in a motel???? Throw the book at these idiots!!!!!

  4. Dawn Tibbetts Robbins-Well, now he can have free living in Donnie Smith's lockup in Machias
    Ronie L. Strout
    you know he gets free everything now. Don't have to dupe everyone now.
    I wish now I had hit him with that Bible he took from the church, would of knocked him in to the next country!

    Velton Peabody
    Maybe that Bible will do him some good!

    Donna-jean Metta
    I heard something on the police scanner about children being left alone in Room 114 in a motel on the Trenton side of Ellsworth. Then, the cops were talking about the grandmother being very concerned about their welfare. Very interesting that the Comments section for this BDN article is disabled!!!!!!!

    Ronie L. Strout He also was impersonating an officer.

    Geri Moore
    GO, RONIE, GO !!!! He also impersonated a Navy Seal, according to the internet.

    Geri Moore
    He really isn't from Jonesport is he? Just living there rent free so I understand---well he's living rent free now and hopefully for a long, long time !! Too bad they did away with chain gangs and rock piles. It's bad enough to lie and steal bur involving a church is just over the top !

    Connie Dorr Gowell
    ...just one more giving the good guys a bad name....sigh...

    Darlene Stubbs
    ronie the little voice in your head was right new something was not right with him!!!

    Brian McCullough
    Inspector Strout nabs her man! You go, Ronie!

    Marla Bagley
    It said in the article the kids have been reunited with their biological father who is from Florida but, where have these kids been...the article says the father has been searching for them for two!!! How long have these idiots been in the area?

    Donna-jean Metta
    Did you read all the comments on that site. According to one of the comments, he was connected to a Victory Baptist Church in the Machias Bay area in 2003.
    BTW, you should correct the BDN reporter and let him know you live in Columbia, unless you recently relocated to Jonesport!

    Julie Swan
    I'm a fan of the book series called "#1 Ladies Detective Agency", set in Botswana. The lead character is named Precious. I'm thinking about writing a series about our Down East Detective, Ronie! Hitting the bad guys with a Bible certainly would be different. hahahaaaaa

  5. Marla Bagley
    That's right Ronie, congrats on being the hero!! How many others do you suppose these scumbags have taken advantage of? Now, their luck has run out!!! Way to protect your territory and help put all the pieces together!!

  6. Curtis Slininger commented on your status:
    "Good job young Lady, at least they have been caught and are in jail and will continue to be there for quite some time. he will get his just judgement..."

  7. Judy Farnsworth
    Great Job Roni, you just may have saved some lives here also. The old man and the kids that are now back with their father in Florida. Hope Nancy Grace finds out about this and just maybe everyone will know just how proud of you that we all are. Way to go Roni. Keep up the good work.

  8. Janice Jan Lynn Rhenow The article was such a surprise to me. Good job Ronie for doing what you did. If more people would step up and not be afraid of doing what is right it would be a much better world. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you.

  9. On 4/23/10 at 11:32 PM, tohe94 wrote:

    I just want to ask all of you to stop and imagine with me for a minute. You come home from a hard day of work you expect to see your wife and three children like normal. What you find is that your wife is not home and neither are two of your children. You wonder where they went, you find your son has been left behind. Not knowing that your wife had a significant other you would probably think she went to the store. You would not expect that she would leave especially leaving one of three children behind! Amanda took off with Colin and two of the children. The father tried to figure out what was going on as Amanda and Colin ran.The expense of investigators was astronomical. Eventually the father and son moved in with the grandparents as the father continued his search. I am a family member. I have watched and been apart of the tears by father, son, grandparents and the rest of our family as the search has gone on. Many times they thought they found them from tips only to find they were one step behind. The father and family has sent nonstop letters and cards to addresses and churches they were thought to be at. They have tried to legally find them. However, when you are still married and the other person is a parent it is almost hopeless. I can not speak for Colins military background. All I can say is if you google him you will find many people have proven him a fake there also. You will also find where many churches have been fooled and lied to by him. That is all hear say to me. I can only tell you what it is like to watch a child and father long for thier missing sisters and daughters. No one should ever have to do that. Your children should be everything to you and you should never let anything come between that. No religion or lover should ever take priority over your children!