Thursday, April 22, 2010

Venting on the Town of Columbia

Would you believe there are others in this area that knew that the Haags were fake last Sept. and did nothing about it? This person went to the Town Office and told them about this, and the town office did not call me on it back in Sept.
I say the blame could be that the Town Office should be ashamed on not contacting me and telling me this and had me get in touch with this person.
If everyone had reported what they had found out to the police we could of had them in jail sooner, instead the Haags were all packed and ready to run again when they were arrested.
The sheriff department just shrugged me off as a disgruntle person, and did not want to get involved. Think about it .....they did not want to get involved....but now it is to do with kidnapping etc. they get the pat on their backs for tracking them down.
I found out today the other church had found out they were fakes and did not call the police, but they are crying now that they were used and had things stolen from them. Go figure,...

The Town of Columbia thoughts are: -I don't want to be involved in this, but will than talk behind your back and say things like - why didn't I know this in the first place.....The people of Columbia know I am the only one that is concern with this church, do they want to help keep it, NO THEY DO NOT! They are so insecure in their life, and keep everything a secret, hide behind others, and look like the goody two shoes that they think they are. So what if your husband or wife is an alcoholic, or a jerk, or a no good for nothing...we all know it anyway,it is a small town and every one knows everyone and besides we are all related. Can't they live their life as an upstanding citizen and stop being such a jerk and make their town a place that people want to come to and live. No these same people want to put down everyone that can think for themselves and tries to make themselves a better person. They want you or rather me to fail, it must give them a high.
Now I am not saying they are all like this, there are a few and I mean a few that are decent people, but you know .. come to think of it, they came to Columbia to live, they had no ties to the town, they wanted to live in a small town and they are trying to make a better life for them and to make the town a better place. Of course I have heard comments from the locals saying these newcomers are trying to take over the town, putting them down before they know who they are and don't even welcome them to the town. Then complain know one wants to do anything. the locals are the ones that need readjustment in their life.

I grew up in Columbia in a large family, my grandmother, mother and I have tried to keep this church going. The society would meet every month to make quilts to sell for the upkeep for this church.They put on suppers, ice cream socials, shooting matches to earn money Do you think these people of my age helped? NO they did not, they wanted to be a member, but did not do anything to help in these projects.
What it amounts to is they are jealous of whatever "I"do and want to make me look awful. Well I will prevail over their simple minds! I will survive this, they won't!

I got a lot of flack when I started the Worcester Reunion up, I organized it,promoted it and took money out of my own pocket to get it going. Did they appreciate it? NO, the only appreciation that I got were from the older folks that came. My Dad was glad that I did this as he got to socialize with other folks that came from Columbia and moved away. It was a social event for the Worcester family of the older generation. The relatives in TOWN thought it was beneath them to come to this. When some came they put down all the work I did in organizing it, and my genealogy was put down as not being right. My own family (siblings) said I was stupid, I had researched a lot of the Worcester family and had a chart made on how everyone was related on the wall. This chart was done by someone out of town and given to me. It was everything that is in the genealogy book that Leonard Tibbetts wrote later and published. But oh I could not be right, I was stupid they knew better. I had a family member call me and told me in no uncertain words not to put down what I had found out about our family, it was history. Yup it is history, who really cares if you have been married more than once it is on paper, filed and anyone can research it.

Enough of my venting.....tonight. Life will move on, and in a week all of this on the Haag's will be old news and something else will take there little minds to talk about and entertain them for another day or so. Something they know more about and do nothing about!
I suppose I should edit this but oh heck I'm venting so why should I?

Bangor Daily News Article Comments

I was very disappointed in the article in today's paper, I am from Addison not from Jonesport, and they preached in Columbia and not in Addison, They have been in this area since last fall duping people. Also alleged thefts, they did take from the church, I had proof!. At least my name was spelt right for a change.
They have been preaching since Sept 5th in Columibia, and only was interviewed and maybe preached in Addison once or twice. So I guess the background check did not really happen to find that they were here since August?
Well I notice they have disabled the comment section? I don't think that should be disabled, there are a lot of folks riled up over this article and the comments should be there!
Suzie Burks Gowie
I take offense to the fact that this guy calls himself a minister and a preacher. He is not, nor has he ever been. A Good Shepherd protects the sheep, not take advantage of them. There is great responsibility that goes along with wearing the collar of a clergy-person. There is also great authority that some take advantage of. I'll get off my soap box now.
Muriel Tucker Smith
If they can't get it right then they should not write it
Geri Moore
That's odd that they did disable that comment section. They wpuld have gotten a few doozies !! Ronie, when did you move to Jonesport and move the Union Church to Addison? You should write your own article. Maybe they are saying "alleged" because they haven't been convicted yet. At least we know what happened to the old man and we won't be finding his body out behind the church!!
Kelley Church
I posted the article from the paper. We can write our comments there cause the paper wont let us write comments on their site.

Ronie L. Strout
They were packed and ready to run on Sunday when they got arrested.
Kelley Church
Thank god they didn't get that chance.
Dawn Tibbetts Robbins
You had the courage to stand up to him and you demanded that he returned the property which he stole, and I'm certain that played a big part in bringing this whole thing to the front.
Dear Ronie,
I only today read your message recounting the difficulty you and your church were put through by
dishonest people. I pray that all is returned to you and that you can recapture some of your faith in
in people. We all have to be alert for such people, and there are very few who have not been deceived
by falsehoods. I have encountered my share of deception, and sympathize with your trials. I admire
your tenacity and resolve in pursuing the matter. I pray that only good people come your way.
Keep the faith,
John Morrison

Geri Moore----GO RONIE GO !!!!
Donna-jean Metta
I can't believe he made his father live in the basement everywhere they lived. Probably thought his father would rat him out about everything including the kids.

I was told he was an alcoholic, but I did meet him and he seemed pleasant enough. I had wondered where he went to as nothing was mentioned of him the few times I was at the church.
They did not find anything of the church at the house the hymnals and table and candle holder is amongst the missing forever now.

Richard Farnsworth
looks like Addison has it's own version of Miss Marple

Kelley Church
They should of tried to get all of the facts straight before they printed this article.

Debbie Howe
you've done your good turn, my friend!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Union Church pastor arrested...

More breaking news on the so call minister...of the Union Church of Columbia.
He was arrested on Sunday and is in the Washington County Jail. I have been researching him on the internet and found a site that he was impersonating a Navy Seal. I know you can't believe every thing on the internet, but my inkling was getting to me really hard, saying he sounds like a con man and why the police report did not help a bit. I had some folks edging me on to put it out to the community at large that he might not be who he says he is. The chit chat must of brought results as they reopened my case and started to do some investigating. Of course, I had begun my own snooping. I sent info off to a special agent in Texas, a kid I knew and asked him what he thought. Yup he said sounded like a con man. Than I got a whole of Haag's resume and photo of them and started to check in on his references that he gave. Looked up on the internet to get phone numbers to call and had started to make calls to some of them. Left messages that I wanted their references on this man. Took my camera and took pictures of their license plates and sent that off to the sheriff department and asked why they could not do a back ground check on this guy. Their car drove by my house three times casing my yard, while I watch from my front porch. The third time I waved at them to let them know I saw them. They did not come back by. Later I went to the Four Corners to get pictures of their license plates.I was determined to find out what they were up to.
This Colin Haag had changed his phone numbers three times that I know of, changed places where he lived and I believe he was in the process of running again on Sunday when he was arrested. Why else would they leave those girls in a motel room instead of at their residence in Jonesport?
I was hoping the Lenfesty's would catch him on some of the lies he was telling them, I guess he had to see proof that was captured on camera that Colin took the banner saying Victory Baptist Church down, when he had told Lenfesty that he didn't.
I notified Kim Look and told her that I believe he was a con man and to watch him, cause he might run off with anything that was not bolted down.
I had planned on following up on the phone numbers that I had, but had an operation on my eye that put me down for a week, and I mean face down a whole week, waking and sleeping. Since my head is now up, I was back into the research when it broke loose. I emailed a newspaper reporter and asked her if she could find out something for me. Told her this was the man that stole from the church in Columbia. See did and a story was in the making. The news is out and will be in the papers tomorrow and a bit on the TV tonight. I might not get any credit for ratting him out, but at least I know I did the right thing especially for those girls to be reunited with their father.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So now the waiting begins, on Monday April 12 will be at the hospital at 9:30, operate around 10, recover (if I can do that)stay overnite and get checked out sometime in the morning hopefully. Ride home with my head on pillows and down. Get home and try to get comfortable and hope someone will be able to help me out and I don't have to worry about the little things. Go figure it won't be about HIM now it is about me and what I need. So trying to get organized here at home, bills to be paid on line, paper work filed, house cleaned, clothes washed up , beds made, and get ready for son to arrive with his girl friend on the 18th. As Zeb said to me. "So we're gonna be a pretty bunch at the strout house. Dad already bumbles around on one leg, you're gonna be face down blind, and I'll be sucking food through a straw with a face that looks like it got run over by the tractor." ( Wisdom teeth pulled) LOL....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eye problems

Okay as of Monday morning Apri1 12, 2010, I will be out of commission...having eye surgery for a hole in my eye. Out of work till -- unknown and if I have regained my sight. Don't know what I am going to do about working. I have to to survive, but I can't cause if I want to see I have to do what the dr. says. Plus a problem on the other eye which will be hopefully taken care of after this one heals. I will have sight in one eye for awhile. No lifting, driving, housework, for a couple of weeks or so. Have to keep head down looking at the floor at all times. Now....the thing I need the most is prayers that the dr. does not have to remove my lens and that it is a success and that I get my sight back so I can work.
I had photos of my eyes:
first picture shows the hole in the center....looks like a volcano this is my right eye. the bad one. I can still see out of it, but not good.
2nd one shows my left eye and on the right the stringy thing has to be fixed but not at the moment
the lasts pictures tells about it.
Have to go on Friday to put dye into me for a picture to be taken. Got to go and get medicine to take before I have surgery Monday. Get the wash done and clothes where I can get to them. Will have to be face down for up to 7 days....not what I want to be doing right now or anytime. Plus I need to get my hair done as I won't be able to for sometime to have that done. How to h--- can I keep my self together to get through this, I suppose all things will come to pass, but I live from paycheck to paycheck. No help from someone in the house....that thinks it is all about him. Thinks that I brought this onto myself just to spite him...wonder why I might be depressed and upset and I don't know ....just about everything that can go wrong can go.
I suppose I am just down at the moment, and hope to be back up to my old self. Gees I can't drive after Monday, can't do anything....can't walk outside, probably not allowed to cry, and God forbid that I tell anyone how I am feeling at the moment, it might make HIM look bad. Gee is that just to bad. When I am sick, HE thinks he is sicker, go figure.
My daughter will come home from Boston but she is taking a class at Harvard, I do not want her to foul up on that. She still might be able to come on the weekend, the other daughter who knows what she can do, just got over her operation and trying to get back to work, a day at a time.
I guess enough of this pity,there are people worse off than me like Theresa Demsey and Buddy Farren with their brain tumors. Maybe it helps to think I don't have cancer like them, I guess by writing it down might help, get it off my chest or whatever, I don't know,--- think I need to make me a smoothie and think about bed or TV or whatever and stop my self pitying, life goes on one way or another, shucks this is a good excuse not to finish the attic or clean the basement or, or, or ....whatever.
Besides I am thankful, for my family, my friends, my home, my granddaughters, and my wonderful grandson. Everything that I need will come to me that is what I am going to say everyday, and try to be positive about everything. That this happened for a reason.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Church update April 2, 2010

Today April 2, 2010.

I placed a call to the so call preacher, he would not answer. So another lady "LC" offered to go with me to see him. At 1 P.M we arrived at his church place at the Four Corners.
We both went in and I asked about the light bulbs and he said they are in the corner over there.
The lady "LC" caught him on a statement he made to me about the missing emblem on the cross. He describe it quite well...said it was on the piano at the church that it had fallen off and he did not have time to fix it.
Also asked about the other key he had, and he said "oh I was up to the church on Wednesday evening to get the key but could not find it". I had asked him to stay away from the property! So now I believe he was actually in the church again!
The emblem appeared in a pile of hymnals. We picked over the hymnals and placed them on a pew, a lot are missing especially the ones that had the information inside who had bought them for the church. I am disappointed in finding that the ones that had the old folks names in them are no longer there. A couple of them only says donated by the Union Church Society. My great grandparents had one donated in their memory as well as other folks from the town. Sad to say those are no longer there. Just the second-hand hymnals that was given to be used. Of course in this box is where we found the emblem.
I mention to "LC" that the box of books did not appear to be the same way they were on Sunday. They looked different to me, in other words arranged differently. Do I need to take photos every-time I go there to document the inside of the church?
Soooo now I really need to get the locks changed, Don't know how to go about doing it or who to do it for me. That is it for the time being on the saga of the church.
I guess it is time to get rid of my interest in this historical church, as I can really see that no one in the town really cares what happens to it. If they did why aren't they stepping up to the plate and get involved? My mother on her death bed said "Ronie you need to take care of the church for me." "Well MOM I tried and have done the best I could."