Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer doings

Have been busy lately with doing some house cleaning for some folks in Brooks Maine and here in Addison. I have been working in the garden, trying to keep the lawn mowed, as well as clean the shed out. What a job, when you need to do something and it is hot and humid. I am trying to get rid of stuff and put the items in order so we will know where to find them.
I happened on a few books and sat down in the shed at my table and started to read Jean Auel the Clan of the Cave Bear, now I am now on the Valley of the Horses. I have read them many years ago when my daughter was reading them when she had mono in grade school. Of course I should not be reading as I have so much need to be done around the house. Oh well that's life I guess.
I have been able to go to another DAR meeting, I do enjoy them and have met many new folks. This Saturday July 10 we were at Barbara Maloy's home in Machiasport for the meeting. The speaker was Henna Castro of Machiasport who spoke on Victorian clothes and had some to show us from the Machiasport Historical Society. I just had to call my daughter and tell her about it.
Two new members of the Hannah Weston Chapter was at their first meeting, Karen Flagg of Eastport/Douglasville, GA and Janet Danbnaker of Machiasport, Maine.
Roberta Hammond is the regent for the next three years. I car pooled with Roberta and her sister Rosa Dykes of Alabama.
I also was able to attend some of the Addison Days events and took photos to put on Facebook. I missed the parade as I wanted to go to the DAR meeting.
This summer I have not been able to attend much due the fact of my financial situation. I missed the Cherryfield Days, Jonesport 4th and was not able to go any wheres for the 4th. I have not been to any public suppers or benefit dinners. Ijust could not do it. Besides I have been eating out of my freezers and that is good as the garden will be producing new vegetables later on this summer.
I really want to go to the house tours in Cherryfield, but will have to wait and see if I can do it next weekend July 17th.
Every Friday night we join three other couples for dinner at our friends cottage in Milbridge, so I do get to eat out even if it is a late meal.
I have been to Eastern Star meetings every month so that is good.
On July 12th I go for a cataract evaluation, and hope to get that taken care of soon.
I really need my eyes as I drive a school bus and that is my job. If I can't drive this fall I am going to be in financial ruin.
My husband seems not to be able to do anything constructive around here, if I am gone nothing gets done. Yesterday while I was gone he sat in his chair and watched tv waiting for a rain storm. He could not get out and do something because it might rain. He eats everything in site so I never know if I will have the item for a meal until I go and find it missing. That is life on the homefront.