Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Union Church pastor arrested...

More breaking news on the so call minister...of the Union Church of Columbia.
He was arrested on Sunday and is in the Washington County Jail. I have been researching him on the internet and found a site that he was impersonating a Navy Seal. I know you can't believe every thing on the internet, but my inkling was getting to me really hard, saying he sounds like a con man and why the police report did not help a bit. I had some folks edging me on to put it out to the community at large that he might not be who he says he is. The chit chat must of brought results as they reopened my case and started to do some investigating. Of course, I had begun my own snooping. I sent info off to a special agent in Texas, a kid I knew and asked him what he thought. Yup he said sounded like a con man. Than I got a whole of Haag's resume and photo of them and started to check in on his references that he gave. Looked up on the internet to get phone numbers to call and had started to make calls to some of them. Left messages that I wanted their references on this man. Took my camera and took pictures of their license plates and sent that off to the sheriff department and asked why they could not do a back ground check on this guy. Their car drove by my house three times casing my yard, while I watch from my front porch. The third time I waved at them to let them know I saw them. They did not come back by. Later I went to the Four Corners to get pictures of their license plates.I was determined to find out what they were up to.
This Colin Haag had changed his phone numbers three times that I know of, changed places where he lived and I believe he was in the process of running again on Sunday when he was arrested. Why else would they leave those girls in a motel room instead of at their residence in Jonesport?
I was hoping the Lenfesty's would catch him on some of the lies he was telling them, I guess he had to see proof that was captured on camera that Colin took the banner saying Victory Baptist Church down, when he had told Lenfesty that he didn't.
I notified Kim Look and told her that I believe he was a con man and to watch him, cause he might run off with anything that was not bolted down.
I had planned on following up on the phone numbers that I had, but had an operation on my eye that put me down for a week, and I mean face down a whole week, waking and sleeping. Since my head is now up, I was back into the research when it broke loose. I emailed a newspaper reporter and asked her if she could find out something for me. Told her this was the man that stole from the church in Columbia. See did and a story was in the making. The news is out and will be in the papers tomorrow and a bit on the TV tonight. I might not get any credit for ratting him out, but at least I know I did the right thing especially for those girls to be reunited with their father.

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