Friday, April 2, 2010

Church update April 2, 2010

Today April 2, 2010.

I placed a call to the so call preacher, he would not answer. So another lady "LC" offered to go with me to see him. At 1 P.M we arrived at his church place at the Four Corners.
We both went in and I asked about the light bulbs and he said they are in the corner over there.
The lady "LC" caught him on a statement he made to me about the missing emblem on the cross. He describe it quite well...said it was on the piano at the church that it had fallen off and he did not have time to fix it.
Also asked about the other key he had, and he said "oh I was up to the church on Wednesday evening to get the key but could not find it". I had asked him to stay away from the property! So now I believe he was actually in the church again!
The emblem appeared in a pile of hymnals. We picked over the hymnals and placed them on a pew, a lot are missing especially the ones that had the information inside who had bought them for the church. I am disappointed in finding that the ones that had the old folks names in them are no longer there. A couple of them only says donated by the Union Church Society. My great grandparents had one donated in their memory as well as other folks from the town. Sad to say those are no longer there. Just the second-hand hymnals that was given to be used. Of course in this box is where we found the emblem.
I mention to "LC" that the box of books did not appear to be the same way they were on Sunday. They looked different to me, in other words arranged differently. Do I need to take photos every-time I go there to document the inside of the church?
Soooo now I really need to get the locks changed, Don't know how to go about doing it or who to do it for me. That is it for the time being on the saga of the church.
I guess it is time to get rid of my interest in this historical church, as I can really see that no one in the town really cares what happens to it. If they did why aren't they stepping up to the plate and get involved? My mother on her death bed said "Ronie you need to take care of the church for me." "Well MOM I tried and have done the best I could."

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