Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mincemeat, Nor'easter, Book of Gold Rush

On Monday Jan 10th, 2011, I made a double batch of mincemeat from deer meat that I had in the freezer. I used 4 quarts of ground meat, 12 quarts of ground apples, 4 boxes of raisins and then added the spices, sugar and all that goes into it. I cooked it off in the oven. On Tuesday morning I got up and washed 13 quart jars and filled them with the mincemeat and bathed off all before my grandson Konner came for the day. Boy was I tired during the day. I was really tired after Konner left in the afternoon. Guess I did too much on Monday what with doing up the dishes that someone did not do for me before starting the mincemeat process. Today Jan. 12th I read a book called High Seas to High Stakes or Around Cape Horn to the Gold Rush by Ruth S. Nash. Very interesting book of Jared Nash of Addison, Maine who sailed around Cape Horn to the gold fields in California. On top of reading I made mincemeat cookies for a change. The Nor'easter storm dropped about a foot of snow today. We did not need to get out in this even though I visited with the neighbors and went out and got the mail before it got too bad.

My moose hunt, daughter's wedding and my eye operation

I finally got back to driving the bus in September, I was able to get some extra runs that helped me out in the paycheck department.
In October we had our daughter Diadem marriage on October 9, 2010, and the next day I was headed to Aroostook County for my moose hunt. I got a permit to shoot a cow moose in the October season. We --Carroll and I, along with Zebadiah Strout and his girlfriend Molly Ulku, and Zachary Strout my second shooter if I miss arrived late Sunday and stayed at Russell's motel in Caribou. Brent and Ryan McQuire of Columbia Falls also arrived at the Motel as they had a permit to shoot a bull with Zachary as Ryan's second shooter. Our friend Rudy St. Peter of Caribou arrived to talk with us. We should of called him earlier on, but needless to say he was able to go with us hunting on Monday. We all left about 5:15 am to travel to a place that we sat and waited till daylight to come. There was two moose there but they left before daylight came. We left there and was heading out to another place that Rudy thought we might see some moose. On our way out I spied two moose, a cow and calf. I told Zac to stop the truck and I jumped out, and made it across a deep ditch and into the field where I place two bullets into the 8 mm rifle that I carried. I aimed and shot at the cow moose. I saw her run and then disappear out of sight. I thought I had missed. I hollowed to Zac and said shoot. He said "Mom you got it" I saw where you shot at it. I thought he was wrong but we went up to the spot and started looking for her when Zac said "mom come on over here, you got her". Wow I was some surprised...Molly came up and took a picture of me and the moose on her phone and sent to her parent in Minn. Zac called Michelle and everyone knew I had killed my moose within 5 minutes. It was 6:30 am when I shot her.The boys Zac and Zeb field dressed the moose then Zac pulled it down to the road with his truck and they loaded it into Zeb's truck where we headed for the tagging station in New Sweden. The moose weighed in at 636 lbs field dressed. After we left the tagging station in New Sweden we took her to the butcher in Mapleton.
We were at Governor's Restaurant in Caribou eating breakfast by 9:30 a. m. Afterward's we went hunting for partridge as son Zeb wanted to get some. We rode over a lot of roads looking but did not see any.
The McQuires shot at a moose but missed as they did not find it after looking for it. That night we talked over my moose hunt and I went to bed happy. Tuesday arrived and Zeb, Molly, Carroll and I took off to look for moose and then to go partridge hunting again. Needless to say Zeb only got one partridge but by the time we had that we got a phone call and said that Ryan got his moose, to meet him at the tagging station in New Sweden. We all checked out of the motel before 11 am and was heading home after going to the butcher to pick up my moose that was all cut up and packaged. After getting home I wrote down all that I got for meat and weighted it out before placing into the freezers. On Wednesday I canned and bathed off the stew meat between my bus run.
November, I began my Christmas season, picking the brush, making kissing balls, wreaths, four table top trees, centerpieces etc. and driving the bus. Carroll went to the hunting camp and got a buck deer during the deer season and that was cut up and packaged by us for the freezer.
My check up on my eye with Dr Hoffert came up on November 29 at 1:30 PM where I found out that my macula hole in my eye had reopened and I needed another operation to close it up again. I had to go back on Dec. 2 for some eye scan and paper work that I should of done when I was there on Monday the 29th of November. I drove bus on December 2 and 3rd. only. On December a storm came up with lots of rain etc. so we went to Brewer and stayed with our friend Dick and Alice Trott as I had to be at the hospital on December 7 at 5:30 in the morning. I was in the hospital till sometime after lunch I think, we went to Olive Garden where Carroll went in to get soup and salad to go and went back to the Trott's. We stayed there that night with my head down and I sat at their kitchen table all night with my head down. The next morning I was at the dr's office at 9:30 for my post op check up, then headed home....On Saturday December 11, Zeb's birthday, I felt a lot of pain in my eye and through out the weekend it was horrendous, I was quite miserably,I could not sleep or rest at all it was so bad, like a hot poker in my eye. On Monday December 13 I went back to Bangor for another appointment and found that my cornea had detached and that was why I had so much pain. Dr. told me I did not have to lay face down anymore and that I could get into my bed to sleep. She gave me a prescription for the pain that would help me. We got that filled and then headed home as quickly as possible after Carroll got something to eat at Frank's bakery cause he needed it immediately and I had to wait for him to eat. I was still in a lot of pain.
On Monday December 20th I returned for another checkup with my surgeon Dr. Hoffert again where she felt that everything was going okay. On Wednesday January 5, 2011 I had another follow up that the Dr. said she could see that the hole was closed up. I have another appointment on January 17th with my regular eye dr. in Ellsworth to check my other eye and then on January 24 with Dr. Hoffert in Bangor. I am trying to be very careful with what I do. No heavy lifting nothing that is over 25 pounds etc. I hope that everything will be okay and I will be back to work soon driving the bus. The gas bubble that was put in during the operation to help heal the hole is now down to about 20% and I hope by February it will be completely gone. At the moment today January 12,I have a lot of reflection from the bubble and it does not help to see. I think the dilation of my eye is back to normal so that will help in me driving soon. I have gone out and drove one day to the post office and found that the sun was too much for me even with glasses on. So will try again when the weather clears up from this Nor'easter we got today of 12 inches of snow. Will update this as I find out more on my eyes.