Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grandson visiting Nana & Papa

Konner visiting his Nana & Papa, Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011

Took grandson for a walk in the snow, we gathered the neighbors eggs for them, then went to the bakery and got a juice. On our way there he said his little legs would not go through the snow. LOL After having the juice we then walked to get the mail where he told me to watch out for the big bad wolf that was in the woods. We had to run to get away from that wolf. When we got in the driveway he wanted to make a snow angel, threw himself down then jumped back up and said it's too cold get me in the house quick. From there we started putting puzzles together, He did three before his attention span went onto other stuff, then watched Clifford the dog on TV. After the program we went to the attic, Konner followed me and filled two big bags up of junk until we found the box of little vehicles and ninja turtles. He brought them down to play with. After the snack of a cupcake and milk, he said he had to take a nap, falling asleep in the dining room chair. Dad came and he was able to get him ready to go home. He had me find the packet of stuff that was his dad's that I was going to throw out, plus the traveling checker game that was his dad's . Off he went with some cupcakes and other stuff.

Great day, but am I bush!

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