Monday, February 21, 2011

Genealogical researcher & Positive attitude

I have a general genealogical service to do general research, including local cemetery research, photography of gravestones, cemeteries, buildings and other important historical and local sites.
I do some searching on ancestors records for folks in the Pleasant River area.
I have a personal large library of published genealogies, ancestries, cemetery listings, photos, etc.of the local area.I will share info with anyone but would not like to find out that what I share they are getting paid to find for their own business. Also would like to be recognized that I gave them the information. If you want to hire me to dig a bit deeper, please contact me for a price. Will also help you on DAR and Mayflower lines of this area.

A positive attitude is a person's biggest attribute. We are faced with the negatives of life every single day and a smile and happy heart will win over the negative every time.--
Today whenever I need anything, I know that it will be provided.

I have fun in whatever I do, drive a bus, rake blueberries, wallpapering, painting houses, inside or out, organizing reunions, working at boyscout camps, going to Historical Society meetings, belong to six of them, doing genealogy, canning beans, visiting older folks, gathering ancestor photos, finding lost or nearly lost cousins, and losing some as well, talking and hiking with my daughter Didi, Taking photos of everything I see and writing for the local weekly paper.

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