Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Birthday with grandson

My birthday "day" with my grandson. Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011

Today my grandson came for the day, and what a time we had! First off I showed him a swim towel that I had found in the attic that I wanted him to have. He ran to his father and said quick take this home " now" just as his dad was going off to plow this morning. He started to play with two rulers, and some blocks where upon he asked if he could have some water so he could have a little sip, then he wanted to put the glass on the end of one ruler to see how long it would stay if he piled more blocks on the other end. I know what he wanted to do, so I gave him water in a juice bottle that he would not get water all over the floor. That kept him busy for awhile. Then I told him I had found a bucket of dinosaurs in the attic and they were all cleaned up for him to play with. He took them all out and told me their names. I am glad he did not ask me their names! He then put them all in order of their colors. After that, he wanted to know how to play with the dominoes that I had found that had animals on them, so we played that for a bit.

After that he wanted his scissors and paper where he cut and pasted and made me something that now hangs on my wall. He also had to pick through all of the markers that was in the bucket and check that they were good. He threw out a bunch because they did not work. One color he got rid of as he said he did not like that color. I was glad he could get rid of some of them and knew how to check them out. After doing that for awhile, he wanted to go to the attic and check it out some more. The attic coughed up some more goodies today, ( those attic elf's were at work again) we found several Fisherprice items; a telescope. a microscope and a box of musical instruments that we brought down to check out. More music noise and such fun in watching him play and put the stuff together, with him telling me all about them. He now knows there are goodies in the attic, and I think there will be more to find in time for him. When he came this morning he wished me a happy birthday, so cute! He is some smart cookie, he is! Love him to pieces...

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