Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mincemeat, Nor'easter, Book of Gold Rush

On Monday Jan 10th, 2011, I made a double batch of mincemeat from deer meat that I had in the freezer. I used 4 quarts of ground meat, 12 quarts of ground apples, 4 boxes of raisins and then added the spices, sugar and all that goes into it. I cooked it off in the oven. On Tuesday morning I got up and washed 13 quart jars and filled them with the mincemeat and bathed off all before my grandson Konner came for the day. Boy was I tired during the day. I was really tired after Konner left in the afternoon. Guess I did too much on Monday what with doing up the dishes that someone did not do for me before starting the mincemeat process. Today Jan. 12th I read a book called High Seas to High Stakes or Around Cape Horn to the Gold Rush by Ruth S. Nash. Very interesting book of Jared Nash of Addison, Maine who sailed around Cape Horn to the gold fields in California. On top of reading I made mincemeat cookies for a change. The Nor'easter storm dropped about a foot of snow today. We did not need to get out in this even though I visited with the neighbors and went out and got the mail before it got too bad.

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