Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Follow up on Church.....

Can't do a thing because we had only a verbal contract. Deputy said there is nothing I can do about it because of conflicting statement. In other words you believe the minister as he has rights. Or unless I want to hire a lawyer and go to civil court over it. The church bank account does not have that kind of money to spend, and the other folks of Columbia just does not care.
As far as the property that is missing, it probably will never be found or returned.
So the moral of this story is have a contract when you out of the goodness of your heart let someone use the church or anything. You can't trust anyone.
All I can say now is what goes around will come around and the good Lord knows the truth.
I checked into the restraining order. I can't get one to keep him away from the church property, only if he tries to do harm to me, but this is now in the system so if it happens again to someone else they will have documentation of this if they press charges.
Maybe with folks knowing what has happened in this little town is all that needs to be done as everyone will know what kind of a person he is.
I just got a dead bolt for the church, now need to get someone to put it in for me and see if it will keep out honest people.
12:45 p.m on March 31, 2010

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  1. The lock was not the right size, I need someone to help me but do not know who can do it for me.