Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well this week I started to clean the attic, what a chore that is.... I had the roof shingled last fall and did not get to clean up from that mess and what a mess it is. I decided on the first day to go through some boxes of papers that had been stored up there for over 25 years. That was a mistake, as I got bogged down, and could not get out of my tracks. The second day I decided to forget those boxes and just pull them out in one spot, to go through later.
First I had to vacuum the floor and take off the sheets, wow, I found stuff on my genealogy that needed to be sat aside, not to look at, but off in a spot that I would later get back too!
Where do I start --- well as I came to realize even though I don't want to know what is in these boxes that have changed colors and seemed to rot away all of those years that flew by on me. I found papers of the children that I saved, can't get rid of those can I? No but can weed out other stuff.
I called to see if the 8th grade wanted anything that I found ie....coats, curtains, sheets, blankets, puzzles, books and anything I thought they might want. Hopefully they will come and get this stuff or off it goes to the recycle bin in Columbia Falls.
I took garbage bags and started filling up what I wanted to get rid of. Seven bags to be taken to the dump and magazines. What is left in the middle of the floor is empty boxes that will have to be burnt.
I ran across photo albums of Carroll, my husband when he was a baby, cute guy, I wonder what happened to him since then. LOL....
Found my daughter Didi's Barbie Doll that I got her one year, the 3 foot one., baby clothes that was the kids, blankets, sheets, stuff I still need to sort through.
My daughter Michelle needs to come and get the rest of her stuff so I can get busy with that area to clean. I think I found two boxes for Zachary that he needs to take out of the attic. Zeb and Didi are the only two left that should have something here. I did find a picture that Matt drew when he was in H. S for a competition. Will save that, he might like to look at it sometime.
Christmas decorations, should be sorted and repacked someday, the Worcester Reunion stuff should be checked and revamped one day. Really need to put scouting stuff in one section, books that I had acquired and info. I did take what scouting magazines and gave them to some scouts on the bus this week.
Well today is Sunday I don't think I will go to the attic today, a rest day, feel like doing nothing except did write my news article on town meeting & DownEast Idol stuff.
This week did get some walking in, here and there in my spare time. On Monday went to Auburn with my husband for his appointment, what a long ways, 177 miles one way, I was beat when we got home. That's it for the day.

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