Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church items missing March 28, 2010

I have had a very trying day, March 28, 2010 as I had to confront a minister about items taken from the church that he had been preaching in. I actually had to walk in to his office and new place of worship to get back the Church Bible, candles, communion dish, and piano bench, note book on the church and the key. He had three keys on the holder and said another person also had a key.
I asked him to return the light bulbs all 15 of them, and the candle holder that is missing and found later that he had taken the emblem off of the cross that he left in the church.
He gave me this look like how did she find out?.... He even took the latch off the back door of the church. ( He said he had not been in the church for a few weeks, well I was in it a week to half ago and the latch was on the door which I found in the box of candles that I got back)
I asked him if he was going to take the garbage out and the wreaths down from the windows that he left. He and his family, along with another family followed me to the church...
They did take garbage out but than said another man said the items were his to give to them...
I told this minister how can you give away something that is not yours and that belongs to the church? I had been trying for a month to get in touch with this so call minister and left messages for him on his phone and with his friends that I needed to talk with him. Today -I did talk to him after their church service because I went to his new place of worship!
To say that I am upset is one thing but I am really upset that I was that gullible to be taken in by a man of the cloth....I hope I have learned my lesson...
How can a minister steal and still preach and get away with it?
I have found a picture of the candle holder and cross with emblem on it for proof to show what is missing.
Plus on top of this he has taken the hymnals that were in the church and accuses this other man for given him the stuff.
I am debating on rather I need to call the police to get to the root of this. If only he would return the items and not LIE about it.
And on top of this he was working under the Aspire program for money!

Now I need to find someone to change the locks on the door at the church.
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