Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yea.... got a call today Feb. 25, 2010 from a man from East Machias on what I had put in the Machias Valley Paper that my cousin is looking for information on Kennedy's, Gosgoves etc...
I offered to help her, and just got done talking with her, to put her in touch with this guy from East Machias . I hope this will help her on her Kennedy's side.
As my husband says I am in hog heaven when I get a call like this. I can hardly wait to hear when and if she gets in touch with them. Do I sound excited? Yup I am!!!
I have been plugging into my family tree program the Reynolds side and have been in contact Lucille Carr and her sisters.
A few years ago in September 2005 I think-- I had placed information in the Bangor Daily News in Roxanne Moore Saucier column and my cousin Faye Gardiner in Old Town read it, got in touch with these "Reynolds" cousins. Hallelujah, they called me and ever since I have new found "family". A whole bunch of them....LOL.
They did not know about my grandmother Angie, and I did not know much about their side except my grandmothers siblings names.

At this same time I got a call from Leonard Tibbetts the genealogist that he had all of the Reynolds family done!...When I asked him where was the book he told me that he had not published that one, but he would write it out for me and send it. At about 95 years of age I wondered if I would get it before he died. With the help of my cousins, we prayed a lot on this. Than one day in the mail on February 14, 2006 came the information that I needed. Off went a thank you note to him, and just in time it seems as he was not well. All he asked of me was-- would I take a picture of two gravestones in the Columbia Cemetery of Matthew Coffin. and wife

Sooooo tonight has been a good evening for me. Now if I could only find out who Naomi Davis is, besides being my great great grandmother, no parents-- nothing on her at all, but she did marry Horace Hutchings.

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